Our Focus

    We have been preserving family wealth through life insurance and estate tax savings in Greenwich, New Canaan, and surrounding towns in Fairfield County, Connecticut for more than 25 years. We specialize in life insurance based tax-efficient solutions to ensure our client’s retirement income doesn’t die before they do; and in estate tax saving solutions that maximize the value of  multi-generation family wealth.  

Guiding Principle

  Professionalism: “No one can lay claim to being a professional merely by acquiring a body of knowledge and having successfully passed professional examinations. Professionalism denotes an attitude, such that the best interests of the client always take precedence over the best interests of the person providing the service.”  


  While each of our clients confront unique challenges, they all have one thing in common: They want competent innovative solutions from caring, experienced, and meticulous professionals. Our clients look to us to preserve their family wealth and guide their family legacy decisions. We know from experience that those who already have excellent legal, tax, and investment advisers, benefit most from our analysis and recommendations.

The WCI Difference

  We are passionate about reducing, and eliminating, unnecessary loss of private family wealth due to transfer taxes.  In response to a fractured delivery system from the legal, tax and life insurance communities, Wealth Consultants has created a unique business model. Free of conflict-of-interest and without added out-of-pocket cost to clients seeking to optimize family wealth, The Tax-Efficient Wealth Process simplifies the complexities considerable wealth can create. Individually tailored to meet the specific goals of each client, our recommendations and solutions offer measurable enhancements to already well-planned estates. This added perspective enables clients to experience Peace of Mind for a Life Well Lived℠.  

Make Sure Your Money Lives As Long As You Do

 Our unique interdisciplinary approach complements and leverages the advice you receive from accountants, attorneys, investment advisers and others, resulting in a customized, all-encompassing strategy designed to ensure that you and your family gain maximum benefit from your wealth. 


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